Dr. Van de Castle has been studying dreams for over 40 years. With
Calvin Hall Ph.D., who was considered to be the most prominent
dream researcher in the world at that time, Dr. Van de Castle
The Content Analysis of Dreams, in 1966. The content
analysis method they pioneered in their classic book has become the
standard approach to objective dream research used by hundreds of
later researchers.

The Hall-Van de Castle scales are used to provide normative material
listing the various types of settings, objects, characters, social
interactions, activities, emotions, etc. found in 500 male and 500
female dreams. By checking the table showing the frequencies of
various objects, for example, it can be seen that items of jewelry were
referred to 29 times by women and 5 times by men, while hand-held
weapons were referred to 10 times by women and 38 times by men.
Hundreds of other kinds of dream images are similarly indexed.
Through his close familiarity with these extensive norms, Dr. Van de
Castle is able to determine quickly whether the content of any given
dream would be considered as typical or atypical, which greatly
facilitates his ability in helping the dreamer to process the uniqueness
of any given dream.

The laboratory setting is a very familiar one for Dr. Van de Castle. He
conducted two years of laboratory research with Dr. Hall at the
Institute of Dream Research in Miami, Florida, and also served as the
Director of the Sleep and Dream Research Laboratory at the University
of Virginia Medical Center for several years. He served as an
experimental dreaming subject in his own lab at the University of
Virginia, at the Institute of Dream Research, the University of
Wyoming, and the Maimonides Hospital Dream Laboratory in
Brooklyn. The successful demonstration of his telepathic dreaming
ability at Maimonides was described at some length in the book,

Dream Telepathy
, by M.Ullman & S.Krippner.

In addition to the aforementioned two books, Dr. Van de Castle is
author of two monographs and the author or co-author of over 125
articles published in peer-reviewed journals as well as popular
journals and magazines.

You can see his complete Curriculum Vitae here.
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