Here are a few of the typically enthusiastic comments that have been
written about this widely acclaimed 547-page book with 500+ references
(Ballantine Books, 1994):

"Our Dreaming Mind is really a dream come true -- the most comprehensive,
authoritative, and inspiring book on dreams I know about. At heart, this book
is about human consciousness and our place in the universe ... A magnificent
Larry Dossey, M.D.
Author of:
Recovering the Soul and Prayer is Good Medicine

"Van de Castle spreads before us the dazzling landscape of dreams, in its
breadth and depth, showing how ancient wisdom and scientific discoveries
apply to our personal dream lives. This book is packed with new and valuable
information for all dreamers."
Patricia Garfield, Ph.D.
Author of:
Creative Dreaming; and The Healing Power of Dreams

"When it comes to dreams, Robert Van de Castle has done it all. He has
studied dreams in the laboratory, in the classroom, in the hospital, in the
library, among indigenous people, and in workshop and psychotherapeutic
settings... In Our Dreaming Mind, Van de Castle pulls decades of accumulated
wisdom together in a sweeping panorama unsurpassed in the literature for its
scope, its insight, and its ability to captivate readers."
Stan Krippner, Ph.D.
Co-Author of:
Dream Telepathy; and Editor of Extraordinary Dreams
and                                       How to Work with Them

"This book unifies the field of dream studies like no other has done before.
The range of its scope is dazzling. Not since The Interpretation of Dreams by
Sigmund Freud has a book been published that should be read by everyone
who wishes to research the dreaming soul."
Robert Bosnak, J.D.
Author of:
A Little Course on Dreams; and Tracks in the Wilderness
of                                     Dreaming

"Wonderfully thorough and scholarly, yet easy to read, Our Dreaming Mind
surveys just about everything we know about dreams and makes daring
forays into what we do not know."
Ernest Hartmann, M.D.
Author of:
Dreams and Nightmares; and Boundaries in the Mind

"A masterpiece on dreams... Van de Castle has no peer among psychologists
of the dreaming mind ... This book is a singular resource -- encyclopedic and
inspired by dreams."
Henry Reed, Ph.D.
Author of:
Getting Help from your Dreams; and Dream Medicine

"Robert Van de Castle packs a lifetime of dream study into his new book ... the
most interesting aspect of Our Dreaming Mind is the story it tells of Bob Van
de Castle's personal journey as a dream explorer. He has been a uniquely
central figure in the history of modern dream studies. More than just a
reference book, Our Dreaming Mind is the intellectual biography of a man
who's been in the very thick of the dream studies world for over 30 years."
[from a book review in "Dreamtime," the newsletter of The International
Association for the Study of Dreams.]
Kelly Bulkeley, Ph.D.
Author of:
The Wilderness of Dreams; and Dreams of Healing

"My immediate and lasting impression of Our Dreaming Mind is that this is
Robert Van de Castle's [magnum] opus, his life's work. This book is vast in
scope, rich in detail, and abundant in scholarly, interdisciplinary, experimental
and experiential resources ...
Our Dreaming Mind has the expert's touch --
detailed references, engaging writing style, rare anecdotes, and artistic
layout ... peppered throughout are personal insights, and ... we are treated to
a rare glimpse of the master craftsman.
Our Dreaming Mind represents a
remarkable achievement. The book is divided into six parts representing
fifteen chapters ... 'Paranormal Dreams' (Chapter 14) represents one of the
most comprehensive overviews I have read in my own 25+ years of study and
personal experience with psi (i.e., precognitive, telepathic and clairvoyant)
dreams." [from a book review in the Journal of Parapsychology.]
Suzanne Brown, Ph.D.
Book Reviewer
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