Dream Consultation Information

Interpretive Style
Since Dr. Van de Castle subscribes to the IASD (International
Association for the Study of Dreams) code of ethics, it is his belief that
only the dreamer can accurately interpret his or her own dreams. This is
because only the dreamer can obtain that sense of inner recognition,
that "Aha!" awareness, that comes from considering a possible
meaning of some dream element in a certain way and knowing it just
feels right. He explains:

"In my role as a 'dream consultant', I attempt to offer my reactions to
someone else's dream by treating it as if it were my own dream. This is
the well-known technique pioneered by Dr. Montague Ullman. The 'if it
were my dream' approach makes it clear that any comments about the
dream refer only to the consultant's dynamics, and not to those of the
dreamer. This eliminates any need for the dreamer to become defensive
or threatened by the consultant's comments, because nothing the
consultant has said is considered to be a direct or correct interpretation
of the dreamer's dynamics. If what the consultant has said leads to a
sense of connection between the consultant's remarks and something
that " clicks" inside the dreamer which feels right, then the dreamer may
be in a position to accept some new awareness or insight that had not
been there previously, because that new awareness now resonates
with the dreamer. So beware of any dream "authority" who begins by
dogmatically telling you: 'Your dream means that you...'

Providing Dream Reports
"To have a more reliable basis for considering your dreams, I am
requesting that you supply two dream reports. You can't determine
what a line looks like from a single dot, but with two dots available, it is
possible to detect the angle and length of the line. Similarly with two
dream reports available, hints of consistent themes and types of dream
characters, etc., can possibly be detected. Each dream report should be
at least 50 words in length (no upper limit), and at least one of them
should be a fairly recent one (within the last 30 days or so).

"In addition to the two dream reports, I ask that you complete a
Personality Inventory questionnaire to help me get to know you better.  
Please understand that my intent is to provide you with the most
complete and helpful insight into your dreams as possible. The more
information you provide, the more personal and detailed I can be.

"In return, I will provide you with a digital audio recording of
approximately one hour in length, as an attachment to an email. If you
would like it on an audio CD, an additional charge of $10.00 will apply."

Charges for Dream Consultation
The charge for the approximately one-hour individual dream
consultation recording is $150.00 [USD]. It takes Dr. Van de Castle
several hours to carefully and systematically review your dream reports
and attempt to integrate your biographical data with your answers to
the various projective questions into his comprehensive commentary.

This effort to integrate the various items from the Personality Inventory
and weave them together with the various elements from the dreams is
graphically represented in the mandala shown to the right above, where
the pattern of overlapping strands of information is portrayed. Dr. Van
de Castle will attempt to explain in your recording what items of
information are being connected together to make the various
inferences he is making.

The charge for subsequent consultations involving two dreams not
previously commented upon will be $120.00 [USD], since Dr. Van de
Castle will have some previous experience with your personality and
dreaming patterns. These additional recorded commentaries will also
last approximately an hour.

It is also possible to arrange for an individual telephone consultation
with Dr. Van de Castle regarding your dreams for a charge of $80.00
[USD] per hour.

Request a Dream Consultation
You can request a dream consultation in one of two ways.  

First, you may complete the
Contact Form here and request a Dream
Consultation in the Comments. You will then receive an email with
instructions to pay via PayPal or personal check.  Once payment is
received, you will receive an email with the forms to complete (2 dream
reports and the Personality Inventory questionnaire) in pdf or Microsoft
Word format.  Return the completed forms via email and you will receive
your audio response via email, or for an additional $10.00, a CD via 1st
Class Mail.

Alternately, you may pay by PayPal now by clicking on the Buy Now
button below.  Once the PayPal transaction is complete, you will be
taken to the forms to complete online.  Click on Submit at the bottom of
the completed form to submit them automatically. All responses will be
via email. Use the
Contact Form to report any problems with this

To arrange for a phone consultation, please use the
Contact Form to
contact Dr. Van de Castle.  Provide your phone # and best time for him
to call, keeping in mind that he is on US Eastern time.  Arrangements
will be made for payment before the consultation takes place.
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