Suggested Reading and Resources


International Association for the Study of Dreams – www.asdreams.
org/index.htm, your first source for all things dream related; check out
the discussion board and become part of the community of dreamers

Notes From a Dreamer … on Dreaming blog –
com/blog1, Bobbie Ann’s blog on dreaming, updated regularly with the
latest dream related resources, news and events

Notes From a Dreamer … on Dreaming Facebook Page  –

Dreams Cloud -- -- an all encompassing website
to share dreams, give and receive reflections on dreams. Offers
numerous resources to dreamers on all things dream related -- blogs,
videos, books, websites -- available in 10 + languages -- reaches a truly
global audience. Highly recommended!

Dream Studies –, Ryan Hurd’s site is chock full
of info on dream research, sleep paralysis, nightmares, consciousness
and more

DreamStar Institute -- -- Scott's
DreamStar Institute dream analysis certification program.

Way of the Dreamer -- -- Robert Moss’s

The Lucidity Institute --, Stephen LaBerge’s  website
devoted to Lucid Dreaming

The Dream Tree – – a web resource for dreamers
since 1995

The Dreams Foundation --, Craig Webb’s website
offering more information, current research and resources

Electric Dreams Archive –,
dream related articles from 1994 – present

Dream Journalist --, Cynthia Pearson’s
website devoted to dreams and precognition

The Lucid Dreamer’s Community --, Discussion board
and information relating to lucid dreams, including a “how-to” guide for

Roswila’s Dream & Poetry Realm --
http://roswila-dreamspoetry.  Patricia
Kelly’s primer on dreamku.

DreamTime Radio Archives, educational and entertaining with guest
experts from IASD, 


Notes From a Dreamer … on Dreaming: A Personal Journey in Dream
Interpretation (2010) by Bobbie Ann Pimm. A beginner’s guide to
working with your dreams.

IJoDR -- The International Journal of Dream Research -- an open access
journal offering quality peer-reviewed articles

The Dream Workbook: Discover the Knowledge and Power Hidden in
Your Dreams (1985, 2002) by Jill Morris – exercises to help you
remember, understand and control your dreams

Dream Work: Techniques for Discovering the Creative Powers of Your
Dreams (1983) by Jeremy Taylor

Dreamscaping : New Techniques for Understanding Yourself and
Others (1999) edited by Stanley Krippner and Mark Robert Waldeman –
Essays from 31 experts in the field

Lucid Dreaming: Gateway to the Inner Self (2009) by Robert Waggoner –
takes you on a magic carpet ride of lucid dreams; an enjoyable read

Dream Language: Self Understanding through Imagery and Color (2005)
by Robert Hoss, MS – links research and dreamwork together with an
emphasis on color in dreams

Dream Exploration: A New Approach (2006) by Robert P. Gongloff –
finding the “themes” of our dreams

Dreamer: 20 years of Psychic Dreams and How they Change My Life
(2011) by Andrew Paquette

Threads, Knots, Tapestries: How a Tribal Connection is Revealed
through Dreams and Synchronicities (2004) by Tess Castleman.

Breakthrough Dreaming (1991) by Gayle Delaney.  An interview

Mindful Dreaming: A Practical Guide for Emotional Healing through
Transformative Mythic Journeys (2007) by David Gordon, PhD

Dream Medicine: Learning How to Get Help From Our Dreams (2005) by
Henry Reed; filled with creative ways to work with your dreams

Dream Network Journal (since 1985) Roberta Ossana, Publisher/Editor.  
Quarterly journal devoted to dream related articles, poetry, art, book
reviews and more. You can subscribe to print journals or an online
subscription only.  For more info go to:

A selection of books highlighting dream related artwork and photos:

Dreams 1900 – 2000 (2000) Edited by Lynn Gamwell.  

The Dreamland Companion: A Beside Diary and Guide to Dream
Interpretation (1993) by Dr. Ilan Kutz

Dream Worlds (1976) by Stuart Holroyd
Robert L. Van de Castle, PhD
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